Eventually, there is a time while doing work you want to relax by removing your shoes. However, you feel hesitant because your shoes are smelly. Ultimately your instinctive urge to get rid of smell leads you to explore and know how to clean smelly work boots quickly and effectively.

This behavior is natural because everybody fears what other people will think about if their boots are stinking. No one wants to enjoy work with smelly work boots. Not only is the smell unpleasant, but it is also dangerous. Because we don’t know that there are more sweat glands in our two feet in contrast to our whole body, it results in more moisture and results in causing bacteria. These bacteria grow and make our boots smelly. It can lead to skin infections.

People who wear boots for long hours like labor then smelly boots is a fact. We will discuss some ways that will help you to remove foul odor.

How To Clean Smelly Work Boots? 10 Effective Ways

It is possible to remove the foul odor by using various methods. Below are the 10 most quick ways To remove the smell from work boots.

  • Use baking soda
  • Wear socks
  • Make homemade sprays
  • Clean your foot
  • Alcohol solution
  • Few drops of essential oil
  • Wash or sink in warm water
  • Apply baby powder
  • Place lemon peels in Boots
  • Lemonade Spray

1) Use Baking Soda

Baking soda from the kitchen does wonders in recipes, but now it is not just for recipes; also used as a natural deodorizer that neutralizes and absorbs the smell. This is one of the easiest tricks.


  • Corn starch
  • Baking soda


Mix some cornstarch and baking soda at night and sprinkle it inside work boots. Let it do it work overnight to see fantastic results the following day. Just wash the shoes the next morning with water, and you will have pair of new work boots.

2) Nature Of Socks

Change your socks daily, wash socks in warm water and leave them to dry in the sunlight. You cannot remove the foul odor of socks by wearing them repeatedly without washing them.

3) Made Homemade Sprays

This effective formula is suitable for those boots that are too difficult to wash. This is the natural option and is cheaper. It can be prepared at home by using kitchen products. This formula is proven to be more effective than any other commercial brand. It removes the smell and also kills the source.


  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Tea Tree Oil


Add half a cup of water with an equal amount of vinegar and 5 drops of tea tree oil. Mix this mixture in a spray bottle, ready to use. Just spray a little amount of it on work boots and clean them with any cloth.

4) Clean Your Foot

To eliminate the stinky smell of boots, you should wash your foot daily after removing your socks. It will remove dead skin and bacteria. Use any good anti-bacterial soap for foot washing. Also, apply deodorant before wearing fresh socks.

5) Alcohol Solution

You might wonder how alcohol can remove the smell of boots while alcohol has a bad smell. But, you should know that alcohol can remove fungus and bacteria and fight against them. Alcohol will evaporate after doing its work. You will find it very impressive and helpful.


To utilize this, take the same quantity of water and alcohol in a spray bottle. Then, the solution is ready to use; sprinkle it on work boots and let it dry. You can also apply it with any swab on the surface of work boots. Notice that the smell will go in a few hours.

6) Few Drops Of Essential Oil

Essential oil like Tea Tree oil is a natural deodorizer and stops building up a nasty smell. Apply this oil before and after the use of the boots. It is a natural way to get rid of the smell. It also leaves a great fragrance after using any of the home remedies mentioned above.

7) Wash or Sink in Warm Water

Wash your foot with any cleaner by applying a small amount. You can also sink your foot in the tub by mixing 2 to 3 tablespoons of cleaner with a half tub of warm water. These cleaners are made with a formula to remove bacteria and fungus.

8) Apply Baby Powder

This is a cheap way to get rid of the smell. This product formula has some deodorizing properties with a variety of lovely fragrances. You can apply it before putting on socks. Avoid excess use due to irritation. The baby powder soaks the sweat glands and enhances the aroma.

9) Place Lemon Peels in Boots

Citrus and acidic fruit peel can be used for their anti-bacterial properties. Lemon and orange peel can be used for this purpose. Fresh peels smell great because their essence gives boots a fantastic natural aroma. Essential oil is a natural deodorizer and stops building any foul odor. Just crush peel and place them in your shoes for a night.

10) Lemonade Spray

Lemon has acidic and citrus properties, so its spray will help disinfect fungus and bacteria from work boots.


  • Squeeze lemon in water and add a peel
  • Mix a few drops of essential oil.
  • Lastly, add two tablespoons of white vinegar
  • Pour the prepared liquid into a spray bottle
  • Spray this inside and outside your boots
  • Dry it with any dryer or let it place in sunlight.

Reduce Sweat in Work Boots

Choose work boots made of cotton, leather, and mesh material. Air can easily flow through these types of work boots. So it will soak sweating and hence no point in growing bacteria.

Why Do Work Boots Smell So Bad?

Because work boots are designed with cushion insoles and thick lining to keep your foot warm in winter and comfortable. Due to excessive sweating in summer, the sweat plugs your pores; hence bacteria develop and give a bad smell.

Without knowing the causes of the bad smell in work boots, it is impossible to find a solution; so, here are some causes of bad odor.

  • Leather
  • Thick insoles
  • Waterproofing
  • Thick socks


Usually, work Boots are made of leather. This is because leather gets heat quickly, especially in sunlight, for example, labor.

Thick insoles

Thick insoles are designed to make your feet comfortable, but at the same time, it produces heat. Heat stimulates sweat glands, thus bacteria and bad smell.


The gland produces enough sweat that, at one time, you will feel that your foot is getting wet, leading to a bad smell.

Thick socks

Usually, people wear thick socks with work boots to feel comfy. So, their foot becomes heated and sweaty.

How is it Possible To Remove The Bad Smell of Work Boots?

The boots made of synthetic material do not have as much heat or humidity, so they can’t sweat or contain bacteria and are easy to clean.


Smelly boots cause embarrassing situations for many people. To avoid these situations, people change their work boots frequently because they are unaware of some hacks to save them. They spent money to buy new shoes despite knowing a fact.

So, now you see the root causes of smelly work boots and how to eliminate them. You know the necessary steps to remove bacteria and things to deal with unnecessary sweat. Removing bacteria is the first and foremost priority. Cleaning work boots daily is crucial.

Your old, rough, and smelly work boots will look good, new, and non-stinky once you properly wash them. But if all recommended tricks can work for a certain limit, you must find a new work boot for comfort and health. Visit our review section to find the most comfortable work boots for yourself.

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