How To Waterproof Tactical Boots 2023

A soldier’s boots get dirty when performing combat tasks in the field and dealing with mud and bad weather. To tackle daily issues like such, you must be looking for a solution for how to waterproof tactical boots.

Washing them is not a long-lasting solution; the shoes get worn out quickly if they remain wet for too long, and these boots take forever to dry.

The purpose of these boots is to provide comfort for their wearer while serving the public and dealing with life-threatening situations.

So if you are tired of washing your boots every day, and want to know how to keep them in the best shape for a long, then you are at the right place. Here, you will learn how to waterproof your tactical boots.

Advantages of Waterproofing Boots

Combat boots usually don’t come waterproof, or their materials are not waterproof. Still, because of their outstanding performance, they are used in training soldiers during complex tasks, providing excellent stability and foot protection. So they are trendy in the army and among civilians.

Bad Weather and harsh training can ruin the boots. The moisture in the boots can crack the leather, making the feet very uncomfortable. Moisture damage can be avoided by waterproofing your boots.

Waterproofing makes the boots more durable, keeps them from getting cracks because of moisture, and makes cleaning easy. It keeps the feet dry, which provides an ease to its wearer. Also, it makes them soft and comfortable.

Know the Material of Your Boots

These combats boots are made up of different sorts of leather, like nubuck leather, full-grain leather, suede, or faux leather.

Every leather requires different waterproofing techniques and will eventually have a different life span, whereas, synthetic leather will not last long, whereas good quality leather will keep going for longer.

Even though having different materials doesn’t change one thing that is to keep them safe from stains and moisture damage.

I will tell you ways to waterproof your shoes to last longer and save you bucks.

How To Waterproof Tactical Boots? 4 Proven Methods

1: Waterproof Cream

Creams are a great and quick way to ensure that boots are waterproof. Now for which material goes best with a cream application, you will know by checking the tube’s backside, but creams work best for pure leather.

waterproof tactical bots with cream

How to apply cream:

  • First off, start with a clean surface. Clean your boots nicely and thoroughly so that there are no stains.
  • Usually, creams come with an applicator, so apply the cream all over the shoes by using that applicator.
  • Make sure no part is left from the cream.
  • After applying cream all over the boots, let them air dry. After they are dry down, you can use them.

2: Waterproof Wax

Wax is the most commonly used way to make boots waterproof, and wax products are incredibly best for leather boots. A jar of wax last way longer than any other material.

how to waterproof tactical boots

How to apply wax:

  • Always start by cleaning your boots, no matter your application method.
  • After thoroughly making them clean, dry them.
  • You will also need a hair drier to warm your shoes before applying wax, and this process will ensure that the leather is ready for wax application.
  • Warm your wax, too, if your wax is hard.
  • Then take a cloth that does not have any dye on it and rub the wax all over your shoes.
  • After applying your wax, remove excessive wax by using another clean cloth.
  • Let it sit in a warm and dry place for the wax to dry, and use the shoes after it is dried.

3: Waterproof Gels

Like cream and wax, gels are also great for making boots waterproof, gels are especially great for full-grain leather boots. Gels are great to use on other materials too.

How to apply gel

  • Start with clean shoes.
  • Apply the gel as told in the description of the gel bottle.
  • Let the gel dry before using.

4: Waterproof Spray

Sprays are also a quick and easiest way to waterproof your boots. You don’t need anything else if you spray your shoes; it also doesn’t take much time. Sprays are great for nubuck leather and suede leather.

How To Waterproof Tactical Boots with spray

How to use the spray

  • Clean your shoes from any dirt or dust.
  • Next, use the spray of your choice and spray the shoes.
  • Keep a distance of at least 6 inches between the spray and shoes.
  • Spray thoroughly, and spray more if needed.
  • Let the boots dry for at least a day before using them.

These are the most popular ways you can waterproof your boot.

Quick Tips

  • A leather conditioner is the best alternative if you do not have any of these available to waterproof. For the time being, use quite a lot of conditioner to cover the boots.
  • It’s not a permanent solution, so make sure you get the right products for later.
  • Always clean the boots before waterproofing them.
  • Take out the insoles and laces before using any cream wax or gel.
  • Never use a water-repellant product on a wet boot.

Wrapping Up

Tactical boots are worn by military personnel and civilians because of their comfort. If you have to find the right pair of shoes that fit your feet, then you will, again and again, want to buy these shoes.

But, as we know, these boots are made of leather, so they are expensive too and cannot be bought repeatedly. But, because these shoes are specifically made for bad weather and military service, they get dirty quite a lot, and moisture build-up in the shoes can ruin them quickly.

However, following the steps in these articles on how to waterproof tactical boots will save them from getting wet and increase the shoes’ life span.

You can learn more about such techniques in our next article.

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