How To Widen Steel Toe Boots

The genuine workboots are usually stiff and uncomfortable. In the case of steel toe boots, a tight and hasher interior may damage the foot. It may cause blisters and serious injuries instead of protecting the feet. It may be imperfect but can be made perfect by using some best tricks to widen your steel-toe boots. So don’t get curious. I will help you explore some of the best and most effective methods for widening steel toe boots. 

how to widen steel toe boots

Steel toe boots are protective gear for workers. It provides the best protection from hazards like metal nails and forms striking heavy things. 

Use Steel Toe Stretchers 

To widen steel toe boots, use stretchers. They are designed to get inside of steel toe boots and widen the circumference of steel toe boots. 

Just put it inside the boots. They are like car jacks. But its work is different, and it fits inside the boots. You need to buy steel-toe stretchers and use them to widen boots. 

The steel toe boots are made of tough quality. Therefore, it requires more stress to get wide. Only steel toe stretchers can stress the steel toe boots to get quickly wide and comfortable. However, you have to apply shoe conditioner to soften the texture of the boots.

The leather of boots will get heated and moisturized. After applying the shoe conditioner, put the steel toe stretcher inside the boots and stretch them will sheer power. The results are shocking yet very fruitful. 

The Water Freezing Method

If you know water behaviors, you can use this magical trick. You have to put water bags inside the steel toe boots in this process. And put them inside the freezers. The frozen water in the boots will expand in size. We all know as water spreads and increases its volume when it is frozen. 

Therefore, when water bags increase in size, they will push the walls of steel toe boots. This process will work and help you widen steel toe boots. Put the boots while water bags are inside them in the freezer for more than 9 hours. 

The all-water freezing process will occur, and bags will push boots walls to increase size. After the whole process, wait for the ice bags to get melted. Don’t rush in removing the bags; otherwise, you may damage your steel toe boots.

Wear Thick Socks 

So you are fed up with tight steel toe boots. Then don’t worry because here is the most insane method to widen your steel toe boots. 

You do not have to purchase any tools or expensive moisturizers in this method. In this case, all you ought to do is find a pair of thick socks. After wearing thick socks, wear your steel-toe boots. It might be painful. But slowly but surely you will overcome the break-in period, and increase the size of steel toe boots. 

In this way, you can widen your steel-toe boots. It is a long-run process, but it’s permanent. 

You have to wait a bit longer to make your steel toe boots wider and more comfortable. The boots will adopt the natural size of your feet. After it, you will never feel any pain or tightness in your boots. 

Wet Towel Method

Use a wet towel and put it inside the steel toe boots. The wet towel shrinks in size and can be easily placed in the boots once you have placed the wet towel inside the steel toe boots. 

Then use a boot stretching spray and spray all over the boots. The spray will provide moisture to the boots. 

Thus boots will get soft and flexible. Now the wet towel inside the boots will get dry after some time. Then getting a dry towel will increase in size. The layers of boots have become soft after applying the spray. Therefore, the increasing towel will force the walls of steel toe boots. 

In this way, you can easily widen your steel-toe boots. It is one of the best and cheapest methods to widen your steel-toe boots.

Heating Method

It is another easy and effective method to widen your steel-toe boots. We all know things get expanded on heating. The similar principle we are going to use in this method. You have to heat your steel-toe boots. 

You need a hair dryer, then blow the outside of steel toe boots. The heat will expand 

the fabrics of steel toe boots. After heating the boots, wear them to get better results. 

When you wear steel-toe boots after heating, your feet will get fit into them naturally. The size of steel toe boots will increase. Thus you will feel more comfortable in them. 

You can also do it at home as it is a common method to widen steel toe boots. Make sure to heat the steel toe boots firmly. After full heating, you can wear them and walk to make them comfortable and adjustable. 

Watch this video to practically know how to widen your steel toe boots using the heating method.

Tips to Notice

Here are some tips you have to notice and use for better results. They will be very helpful in widening steel toe boots. 

  • Always follow the instructions given in the description. 
  • Take care of your steel-toe boots. 
  • Use effective methods to widen your steel toe boots. 
  • Get the best tools to widen boots. 
  • Try using boots conditioners before trying stretching. 

Wrapping Up!

Here I have told you the best solutions. You can use them to widen your steel toe boots. Suppose you are annoyed by tight and uncomfortable steel toe boots. Then use the tricks given in the above description.

Often replacing the boots is the only option. Then it’s time to visit our page and find the best steel toe boots. The best information is available there. Try the one that meets your style and comfort, and you will get the best recommendation. 

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