How to Lace Work Boots Like a Pro: 5 Unique Styles

You must be curious about various ways to lace work boots, from standardized to modern ones. It helps you flaunt your unique style with a passion.

Tidy and uniform lacing gives your boots a more excellent look. Every lacing method has different ways of doing so, and you can change them occasionally. It also depends on your time to do your work-boots lacing.

How to Lace Work Boots: 5 Easy and Unique Styles

There are many ways to do lacing, which take the least to most time and are quick to be more classy.
So, how to lace up work boots properly? Here are some of the several ways to lace your work boots mentioned below:

1: Crisscross Method

The crisscross method is one of the easiest and most traditional ways to lace your work boots. It’s also the standardized way of lacing work boots. You should know that this lacing technique is comparatively more effortless than others. 

how to lace work boots

You must go through the steps below to know how to lace your work boots quickly.

Steps for lacing the work boots:

Here, you must go step by step to make sure you are lacing uniform, tight and comfortable work boots.

This is the simplest way, and the lacing method seems present mainly on the streets.

Let’s see now how to do crisscross lacing.

Step 01:

 Before you begin lacing your work boots, it’s essential to know where you should start lacing.

You should begin with the bottom-up technique while straightening up lace repeatedly to avoid letting them twist or vary.

Insert the lace from the bottom’s 

begin with the bottom-up eyelet

Step 02: 

Make sure to use outward to inward fashion, so you should get both laces. Once you bring the string out from the eyelet, do the same thing diagonally from outward into the eyelet of the same side.

use outward to inward to get both laces

Keep going up while following the same fashion. 

Step 03:

Keep diagonal your laces while entering them into another eyelet over and over. Make sure to lace your boots in the uniform pattern for both sides while entering the strings exactly what’s written above.

lace your boots in the uniform pattern for both sides while entering the strings

In the end, there will be enough lace left for you to tie around your ankle easily, even if you can wrap that before or after tying that lace.
And you can make an enormous bow or knot.

2: Army Method

Military admirers must have been looking for the army method to lace the work boots.

The army uses this method because it provides more support, strength, and stability than others. It is the best way to lace up work boots.

army method to lace your work boots

You must follow a few steps to lace work boots in the army technique.

You Steps for lacing the work boots:

Step 01:

The first step in the military method also is where to begin from.
And the answer is the bottom-up technique but before considering it make sure to see step two.

The first step in the military method is where to begin from.

It should start from the bottom-most eyelet to get the string in.

Step 02: 

This step depends on the number of eyelets you have. You can go in both directions, from outward to inward or from inward to outward.

If there’s an odd number of eyelets, so should’ve gone with the traditional step, from out to in, and if there’s an even number of eyelets, then string the lace in an inward to outward manner.

Step 03:

Make sure to go diagonally in the sequence, according to the respective number of eyelets present. 

And don’t forget to make a cross after getting the straight laces out from both of the eyelets of subsequent sides.

 go diagonally in the sequence, according to the respective number of eyelets

When you stretch the laces, they get straighter. 

Step 04:

Now time to proceed to the other eyelet.

Repeat the steps above and go on lacing your work boots uniformly in the same manner on both sides until you make it to the top eyelet.

Repeat the above and go on lacing your work boots

You got your military-styled work-boots laces, all set to walk out.

3: Straight Bar Lacing

So, how do lace-up boots with a zipper? This one is more neat and comfortable and is also named Lydiard lacing. 

Straight bar lacing

Now let’s see how to lace work boots as straight bar lacing.

You Steps for lacing the work boots:

Step 01: 

Lacing begins from the bottom to the up method. Enter the lace into the bottom eyelet and goes up straight until it ends.

Step 02:

Insert the lace of one side into the adjacent side’s two eyelets. Then, continue it in the crossway by skipping one on every two eyelets.

Continues both ends till the upmost eyelet.

Step 03: 

Make sure to do the lacing alternately in the outward to inward way until it ends.

Step 04: 

After the outside, alternate, and across, going up on both sides.
The straight bar lacing is done.

Straight bar lacing is much preferred if you have any ankle pain or pressure. Moreover, these look nicer and tidy as well.

Watch the Straight Bar lacing method video below:

4: Spider Web Lacing

It gives a more excellent look and is a firm, tighter lacing method. And to tie them, you should’ve followed the steps below.

You Steps for lacing the work boots:
Step 01:
It begins from the inward to an outward method and keeps straightening up similarly.
Step 02: 
Insert the lace from one and get that straight out from the other from inside from bottom to top.

Step 03:
Go up diagonally, one after the other eyelet.

Step 04:
Make a cross over the end of the lacing diagonally and get the lace down vertically straight.
Does the same until lacing is complete.

Watch the video here

5: Ladder Lacing

It’s another lacing worn by the military, which makes a ladder web over your boots while securing your feet.
These are preferred in hiking boots, high boots, and skatings.

You Steps for lacing the work boots:

Step 01:
This method begins in an inward-to-outward fashion, straightening up from the bottom eyelet.

Step 02:
It runs straight from out to in or on to out according to the number of eyelets under the vertical lace.

Step 03:
Keep doing the same step while under the vertical lace on every eyelet.

Step 04:
While winding up, you can run the lace vertically another time before tying the knot or knot the lace with it. It is all up to you.

It can also be tied up with the lace locks under the adjacent vertical lace, which brings more tightness into the knot moreover stays tighter for a long time.

Watch the video for ladder lacing below

Tips to notice: 

  • Even the number of eyelets results in comparatively more neat and uniform lacing
  • The easier way to get your feet out of the work boot quickly if your foot is injured is to cut the upper horizontal lace.
  • Criss-cross traditional lacing is preferred if the laces are shorter.
  • To look at roman lacing, make one cross-over on top or bottom.
  • Contrast laces are used in spider web lacing.
  • Odd number of eyelets the laces are being tied behind the tongue of the boot.

Final Words

Work-boot lacing is considered primarily according to its strength and comfortability for a long time and reduces the friction around the shoe.

Work boots must be laced tightly so that you should walk and work more comfortably, and before lacing the work boot, you must’ve looked over the number of eyelets in your Work-boots.

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